iPad apps I love for education

There are many apps out there and i’m always on the look out for new ones but here are some I use all the time. Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 1.52.56 pm


AppShopper: I like this as an alternative to find a range of different apps from the apple app store

Keynote: Great for showing & developing screen based presentations, using this less as a presentational app and more as a prompt for discussions

iStudiez Pro: This has been fabulous for keeping my timetable and tracking assessments and homework

VLC media: This has also been really handy for displaying different codecs that the ipad can’t display

TED: Brillant! A must for all ipad users, inspirational video content from various people

iMovie: The fact that you can edit and great a movie right on the device is amazing, I have used this for contentless assessments for students, great fun!

TeacherPal: This is the one app that I use all the time, its free and stores all my classes, rolls, assessment data and student info

iBooks: Another fantastic app, I basically have all my content in PDF form in here and can email or print anytime. Once set up it is well worth it

Popplet lite: Nice little concept map or brainstorm app

Penultimate: Use this for note taking ideas and writing on the iPad, needs a stylus

Pages: Pages is easy to use and when I need to do word processing or developing some content I use this. With the introduction of iCloud it has made it even better to use and a must for my ipad

Flipboard:  One stop shop for all my digital content

iAnnotate PDF: This can make you a paperless classroom, students send all their content to me in PDF and I use this to “annotate” and send right back. It also stores my corrections for future reference. Really worth it.

I haven’t mentioned the other generic apple apps, like Calendar, Reminders, Messages. I do use this consistently also, especially reminders. Also with iCloud it has taken my iOS devices and MacBook Pro to another level and well worth investing some time to set it up.

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