I am the master and you are the apprentice – Renaissance Painting Guild

I have been really been fascinated with the idea of developing classrooms that utilise collaboration. It is very obvious that technology empowers this idea and makes it seamless, however, I still see the great power of this in a more traditional sense. An example of this was a project a colleague and I developed for... Continue Reading →


Using Minecraft to create and explore ideas

Throughout our Abstract Sculpture Unit of learning Year 8 Visual Arts students have been using Minecraft to generate their work. Minecraft is an open-ended ‘sand box’ game, where students can create, explore, collaborate and be experimental with their imagination. Its a game, where students can build and design structures. Using Minecraft in class students explored... Continue Reading →

Collaborative musical chairs 

Who doesn't love a game of musical chairs? You would expect the act of drawing to be an intimately private process that doesn't involve any collaboration. This couldn't be further from the truth. I always find students believe they can't draw, but what does that mean? You can't place a mark on a page? It's... Continue Reading →

Why you should use past students as experts 

I have been lucky enough to work in many collaborative environments, where experts were readily available to shape my learning and provide inspiration which challenged my thinking. This is something that I have been keen to continue with my students. With point to point technology it is relatively easy to invite an expert into your... Continue Reading →

Flipping Learning

By Dean Pearman and Sam Griffin “Universities were founded in Western Europe in 1050 and lecturing has been the predominant form of teaching ever since,” says biologist Scott Freeman of the University of Washington, Seattle. But many scholars have challenged the “sage on a stage” approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, and math courses, arguing... Continue Reading →

Wellbeing and its importance for learning

Well being comprises of two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. Feelings of happiness, contentment, enjoyment, curiosity and engagement are characteristics of someone who has a positive experience in life. (Aked, Marks, Cordon, Thompson, 2008). The Middle School implemented a wellness programme last year focusing on various aspects of well being deemed important by... Continue Reading →

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