Hinge Questions, Exit passes and Digital Portfolios with FlipGrid

I have been using flipgrid with my students which is a fabulous question curation application. Check it out at flipgrid.com. It allows you to publish video or text questions and curates the responses in a visual grid for your class or even the world to see. It is really simple and beautifully intuitive to use. It is complemented with an iPad and iPhone app. The design is clean, simple and looks gorgeous, important parts of an app. I am glad they have considered UX and UI in their thinking and design.


Entry and Exit pass Flipgrid

I have started off using it as an exit or entry pass requirement for my classes. Before the students leave or enter the class they must post a response to a question grid. This has been a really effective way for me to see how my students are tracking and consider what happens next in class, did they get it? If so lets move on. Its also been great for keeping their learning sticky and being able to collaborate with their peers.

Hinge Question Flipgrid

Another really useful application of flipgrid has been using it for Hinge Questions. A hinge question is a question that you ask the entire class at a critical point in the learning of a concept. It informs you that the students ‘get it’ and you can move on. It’s not a traditional question of hands up and only one or two students respond. No hands up and everyone is in. This is where flipgrid has been fantastic, not only is everyone in, they stay in and I can go over the responses really quickly and move on to the next concept.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.20.39 amWatch this link as Wiliam explains a Hinge Question. https://vimeo.com/104059936

Digital Portfolio of responses. 

As flipgrid curates responses, I was thinking that certain questions or milestone responses could be curated over the year to represent a mini portfolio of student’s learning. The portfolio would allow students to keep a record of their learning and provide triggers for the students to reflect and direct new learnings. The questions could be based on peer and self assessment strategies. This would be a great way to keep digital artefacts of the students progress and affirm the improvements over the course of their learning journey.

Below is a short clip of how I have been using flipgrid


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