PBL after week two – A reflection

Last week didn’t start out to well, one of my boys was sick and I missed the first two days of the week. It turns out this was a pretty good test to see if the students were indeed capable of continuing on with the PBL by themselves. Could students continually drive their learning around the DQ?

This pretty much sums it up

‘We are on top of it Pearman’

So how did the week pan out. Roles have all been set and students have self selected or made their own role which will support the team in answering the DQ. The emerged groups are curators, exhibition designers, marketing team, installers, catering, speech writers, printers and framers. Everyone just gets on with it and are self driven around what they need to do and by when. Part of the goal this week was to engage in authentic audiences. One of the curators used the questions formed last week, synthesised them down to 140 characters and started asking various galleries around the world. The questions main purpose was to plug any holes in their learning around the DQ.

IMG_9840The classes setup a twitter account https://twitter.com/Yr11StudioArts and started tweeting their Q’s globally. They were pretty excited to receive a response from the NGV! From this the independent learning continued to flourish. It has been fascinating to watch the students argue, engage in robust discussions, try and work out how to change fixed mindsets and convince a peer that my idea is the way to go! The authentic collaboration has been first class. What I am realising is that a PBL has given my students the opportunity to engage in real life collaboration. Building skills in team work, empathy and listening.

I set the challenge for the students to create digital artefacts of their PBL process in the form of non typical ways. Currently students are working on leveraging social media tools such as pinterest and tumblr to show their journey. This has been a most surprising and refreshing element of the PBL. The power of student voice, they select their path and show learning in ways that are specific to them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.20.50 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.21.29 pmScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.21.18 pm

The marketing team went through many iterations of the promotional materials. Seeking feedback on their ideas continuously throughout the design process. Above are some of the iterations. Another great element of the PBL has been self selecting of learning opportunities that you are passionate about. All of these add to the teams ability to answer the DQ. The richness of a PBL is really obvious, multiple layers of learning can be found in all sorts of ways.

may 05 - 8pmthe wei zhou museumExperts were a common theme last week and our students are lucky enough to have many ways to connect with professionals to help them understand the DQ. Here we have an artist in our gallery discussing the intricacies of setting up, installing and explaining artists intentions in an exhibition. Broadening their learning from others within the community has been another great way students have extended their knowledge around the DQ.

Only a week to go before opening night. This week will be the true test! All of their ideas have to work in unison and come together quickly.


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