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Evaluating apps for learning 

Technology integration isn’t about the app or device but more about how aspects of knowledge come together to enhance learning.

To truly use technology well to impact learning;

  • You need to be an expert teacher fully aware of pedagogical practices that impact student learning. Formative Practice, Visible Learning etc
  • You need to be an expert in your subject matter, the content you want students to know. You know your stuff!
  • You need to have an understanding of technology tools. You explore the #edtech world because it’s where our students live and what they need!
  • You then need to be able to connect Pedagogy, Content and Technology together. mash it up!

That’s why frameworks like TPACK & SAMR are great ways to support all teachers to become aware and proficient with technology to enhance learning.

diagram-puenteduraRuben R. Puentedura’s Weblog – The SAMR Model – Dr. R. Puentedura


TPACK model by Koehler & Mishra – image by @ICTAVANGELIST – Mark Anderson

Developing tools to assess apps are a great way to help put the focus back on learning rather then what the app can do. Thinking about learning first and how the app can assist in students achieving the desired outcomes is critical. A great exercise is to have your team assess a range of apps and then create an app guide (iBook, blog, etc) which takes the hard work out of finding an app. All staff have access to this app playbook which outlines how the app can enhance student learning.

Possibly think of using subheading like:

About the App – Brief info about the app – its URL

Assessment – How the app could be used for formative & summative assessments

Learning – How it hits Blooms taxonomy?

SAMR – Where it sits on SAMR?

Here are some tools that we are using:

Tony Vincent’s – Learning in Hand
Kathy Schrock – iPad app evaluation

My own App evaluation

This template is used to give more detailed information about the apps ability to enhance learning, teaching and assessment against 21st century thinking skills, higher order thinking skills, assessment ideas and general.

Luckily we have brilliant educators who share and help facilitate the learning of all students.

The Padagogy Wheel – Download the PDF here.

Developed by Allan Carrington Designing Outcomes Adelaide South Australia Email:


Happy app finding


Why iPads for education

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.07.18 pmWhy iPads for education?

I have been lucky enough to see many revolutionary changes in technologies over my life. There have been four main phases that I see critical in the past 15 years or so to me. The first; The world wide web giving access to information just with one click, the digital music revolution, the introduction of the iPhone and now the second wave of the iPad. What ever your thoughts and feeling toward Apple, with out them the technological world we now all reside would be a completely different landscape. Has the iPad changed the face of contemporary computing, some don’t think so, but ask any person that owns one and they talk about how it has changed the way they interact with technology. Within the next few years desktop computing will become a specialist field. Tablet computing is revolutionsing the industry. But where does this fit into education?

Salman Khan is the driving force behind the Khan Academy. It is a series of educational videos which offers fully conceived curriculum all of which can be viewed on YouTube. The concept behind this is very simple, get students to watch video tutorials at home and allow school time for deep exploratory learning. What Khan highlights is the amazing empowering features that technologies allow for educators. Technology can and should be used to engage learning. There needs to be a key fundamental change of how educators view technology in their classrooms.

The iPad is truly a mobile learning device. The fundamentally idea for all educators is to engage our learners. What some educators are missing is the way Apple has marketed their products. Don’t see many people with a zune do you? The iPad is the same, give a student a iPad and watch them go nuts! Everyone wants one. Every time I walk around with mine you can clearly see people focus on it and wonder how or what I am using it for. FEAR is what stops most educators, fear of what? Go with it, every time I have implemented any use of web 2.0 its been a learning experience for all not just students. We are a community of learners, gone are the days of the all-knowing sage at the front of the class. What we do is authentic and we discover it together as a collective whole. The iPad is the device that engages the creativity, passion and enthusiasm that I know exists in all students. The problem is that schools try to stop this! How many of our students are using different ways of accessing information through social media and the like. They come to school and it doesn’t occur like that! Our job is to promote responsible digital citizenship and give students the platform to use technology to explore their creative possibilities. We need to use the iPad in enhancing our students learning experience.