Making is more than technology.

The other week I had the pleasure of sharing what I have learnt about making from Agency by Design's research into the Maker Movement, what is a Maker and Maker-Centered Learning at this years DigiCon 2017 conference. Harvard Graduate School of Education runs the course Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centered Classroom. For me this... Continue Reading →


Is the buzz of a notification good for you?

Recently during the holiday break I went dark. I turned off all notifications and removed my head space from the digital and social worlds that I frequent. Why.......very simple I needed a break. But I have a little secret, I haven't turned back on my notifications from my PLN. At first coming back into the... Continue Reading →

Evaluating apps for learning 

Technology integration isn't about the app or device but more about how aspects of knowledge come together to enhance learning. To truly use technology well to impact learning; You need to be an expert teacher fully aware of pedagogical practices that impact student learning. Formative Practice, Visible Learning etc You need to be an expert... Continue Reading →

Are we putting the cart before the horse?

Every time I go to a conference I always hear that we should put learning and pedagogy first before the device or technology. But how does a teacher connect learning; pedagogy and content to the device if they don't understand or see what the capabilities of the device or tech is. Should the edutech cart... Continue Reading →

Disrupting learning structures

 I am very lucky to work in a school that is trying to shift the paradigm around learning. Last year I started discussing with our CIO and Principal about having a remote learning day in 2016. Students effectively don't attend school and learn remotely. This poses many challenges around the why, what and how. The big... Continue Reading →

It’s time to kill the timetable 

On a recent trip to Ballarat and visiting Sovereign Hill (which was ace, if you live in Melbourne go there!)  it became very obvious that schools haven't moved on for years! Dare I say hundreds of years. Students sit in rows, move in blocks of time, every second is timetabled. Stepping back to Ballarat of... Continue Reading →

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