Is the buzz of a notification good for you?

Recently during the holiday break I went dark. I turned off all notifications and removed my head space from the digital and social worlds that I frequent. Why…….very simple I needed a break. But I have a little secret, I haven’t turned back on my notifications from my PLN. At first coming back into the swing of Term 3 I thought of immediately turning on my inspiring and connected world. This world has sparked so many meaningful connections, ideas and to be honest true friendships. But what has been very refreshing is that I’m not a slave to the ping. This week I feel I’ve been able to work in flow without being interrupted and without the desire to check that notification. Am I missing out? I don’t think so, I have a little more control over my PLN, I’m popping in and out on my terms. I feel just as much connected and more energised to do the work that counts.


What do you do to get in flow? Usually I would turn off from the outside world in order to be present in the work I am doing. Sometimes I may change my environment, walk to think, talk to explore, read to re-frame. Having time and space in your day when you are present in your work is key to making that work, great work. Finding this time and space in the chaos of school is difficult. But as a leader it’s important to be not task driven, be people driven and idea driven, spend time working on what matters for students learning and thinking and give yourself time and space to get in flow.

My thinking is, what if I am present all the time? Devoting all my energy to a project, a person or an idea I am exploring. Do we need to be constantly checking and looking at our notifications? Does this distract from our good work? Maybe reconsider those notifications and you might just be more productive, efficient and people focused and ultimately better  for it.


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